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3 – 19 Nov


Resonant is an exhibition bringing together two distinct installations at PS Art Space by Bori Benko and Rob Kettels. In conversation with space, time and, one another. Resonant will transport viewers into an entangled vibrational and sonic world, into a space of shared visual lyricism and intertwined histories.

Bori Benko’s Songs to the Universe makes visible the vibrating forces beyond our perception. Everything in our world, in the digital landscape and within our bodies, hum with vibrational energy. Bori captures these different frequencies and unique tunes in her moving mechanical sculptures. Revealed in this exhibition are the harmonies, patterns and travelling waves that are usually invisible to the human eye.

Rob Kettels’ installation delves into the legacy of maritime time-balls – now obsolete navigational instruments – which served as signalling devices for mariners beginning in the early 19th century. Inspired by a historical incident in 1911 when Fremantle’s time-ball malfunctioned, dropping at the incorrect time, Rob’s artwork unfolds in a fictional narrative portraying a ship’s disorientating return to Europe with its timepiece mistakenly set. Electromechanical assemblages and animated sequences playfully expose and challenge settler colonial notions of mastery and control of time.

Date and Time

PS Art Space
3 – 19 Nov
Thurs – Sun
10am – 8pm

Bori Benkő’s practice concerns principles and phenomena of nature, founded upon an affinity with mathematics and physics. Movement, displacement, perception and transformation are recurring themes of her works. Bori works with a variety of media, currently developing sculptural works that incorporate flexible geometric configurations and unusual property shapes; kinetic installations that explore wave and interference patterns propelled into movement by natural elements or electrical energy.  She is also creating light and shadow-based artworks that engage the movement of the sun. Common in the diversity of her works is an experimental and conceptual approach. Often engaging the language of metaphors and symbols, she converts scientific and social queries into artistic expressions inviting alternate perspectives and focal points of internal/external landscapes to reshape perceived realities. Bori holds a Master’s Degree from the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest (2003). She has travelled extensively with various international art grants and research projects, exhibited her works widely around Europe, South America and Asia. She moved to Australia in 2020.

Rob Kettels is an artist and fine art PhD candidate at Curtin University. His artwork has been exhibited at prominent venues including Fremantle Arts Centre, Goolugatup Heathcote, Paper Mountain, and Bunbury Regional Art Gallery. Currently, he is participating in the Fremantle Biennale. He has also been a speaker on art and culture at conferences in Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia. In his artistic practice, Kettels aims to challenge and problematise established aesthetics, with a particular focus on the various spatiotemporal imaginaries prevalent in contemporary Western culture. Through his work, he encourages critical reflection on conventional social narratives and the role of colonial power in the construction of knowledge. Drawing inspiration from the intersection of art and theory, Kettels incorporates elements from continental philosophy, ecological theories, settler colonial studies, as well as his own lived experiences as a rock climber and gold prospector. Notably, his recent artistic evolution involves exploring and questioning prevailing notions of control, mastery, and progress associated with technoscientific development, contributing to the reframing of established aesthetics and cultural narratives.

  • PS Art Space, Fremantle
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    Facilities: Accessible toilets are available at the venue.

  • Getting There

    Along High St you can find 30-minute free parking, and the surrounding streets have paid parking. Bannister Street Car Park is also nearby.


    Public Transport:
    PS Art Space is a 5-minute walk from the Fremantle Train Station, which is the final destination for the Fremantle Train Line, as well as several bus routes.

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    The venue is a large and accessible warehouse space with flat concrete flooring. Accessible toilets are available at the venue. The nearest ACROD parking spaces can be located on Pakenham St, a few metres from the venue.


    This event includes low-lighting.

  • Image credit

    Photos: Duncan Wright.